About K.K.M.T.T.C. Nalanda

We work hard to prepare every student

The main objective of the B.Ed and D. El. Ed. course is not only to prepare effective teacher who are able to deal with the changing educational practices but also to groom and make the teachers training well aware of the cultural and academic developments taking place all around. B.Ed. course enables prospective teachers to comprehend the nature and philosophy of teacher education at secondary level. This programme also provides opportunities to learners in acquiring competencies relevant to pedagogy, curriculum development and its transaction as well as evaluation. It foster creative thinking among teachers training and utilizes community resources as educational, teaching methodologies, linguistic skills, reasoning skills and use of modern techniques.

K.K. MULTI TEACHER'S TRAINING COLLEGE, NALANDA has a well established corporate Resource centre to cater to the needs of placement and counseling students for their future career. It has a team of highly experienced persons and corporate concerned to facilitate and guide the students for the selection in Schools/ Resource Centres.